Screwed by Godaddy

If you follow me on twitter you will know that that past few days have been a nightmare with my website being offline. Thankfully that has been fixed or you wouldn’t be reading this. Sadly there are still issue whereby I cannot for love nor money add images to the site meaning I can’t add pictures of new magazines as I get an error message. (See below).

Post-processing of the image likely failed because the server is busy or does not have enough resources. Uploading a smaller image may help. Suggested maximum size is 2500 pixels.

This seems to be hit and miss as trying multiple times to upload an image sometimes works but I don’t have all day to try and upload an image fifty squillion times and to be honest it rarely works.

At present I only have access to previously uploaded images. I have been told by Godaddy that this is a known issue at the moment and that I will have to be patient, Be patient! I’m trying to run a business which is hard enough without being unable to upload image which on an e-commerce site is a necessity. So as I’m sure you understand I am not a happy bunny at all.

That said, my other website and that of my friends are hosted elsewhere in a cloud package that we all use. Having a half decent head on my shoulders I have found a sort of fix for this. Images of magazines that I add will be hosted elsewhere. Although they won’t be visible all you need to do is click a link. As an example, click here, and a new tab/window will open where you will see the cover for Escort DVD 92 – I realise this is not a perfect solution but it’s the best I can come up with at the moment.

And there’s more. I’ve just gone to edit the website menus and guess what. It errors.

It Gets Worse

A customer support agent at Godaddy called Shelly, told me this is a wordpress problem and nothing to do with Godaddy. She suggested that I pay lots of money for a Godaddy support team to fix the issue. I informed her that the website has adult content and would that be a problem. Not at all was her reply. Well guess what. It is a problem as I’ve just received the following email:

Milos here from the WordPress Premium Support team. Thanks for reaching out.

I reviewed your request to troubleshoot and fix a Media Upload issue on After reviewing the website I learned it contains Adult Content, which we are unable to work on because it falls under our Ineligible businesses and websites. I recommend hiring a specialized developer to handle work on this website.

Well I’ve just done that and the web developer says categorically it is an issue with Godaddy’s server. I’m taking this further and will be taking it to the highest level possible until I get satisfaction.

August 8th

I’ve just finished talking to a Godaddy supervisor who confirmed the issue is a Godaddy problem and has been for the past six days. It seems the issue gets fixed and then pops up again. I’ve received a one month FOC hosting extension that puts my hosting to 38 months. Thank you P**** for understanding and giving me the correct information.

August 10th

I’ve decided to keep a daily record of the problems I’m having with Godaddy. Last night I messaged @GoDaddyHelp and asked it the issue had been solved. It hasn’t. I’m still having issues uploading images and get a http 502 error message when trying to make a change to the website menu or if I try to make a change to an url. That sounds like I know what I’m talking about but these are pretty basic WordPress items. It’s taken me ages today to upload  covers of Men Only that I wanted to add. This is a routine task and I cannot understand why Godaddy can’t get this fixed. It’s remarkable that a technology company can’t fix things like this immediately.

Last night I contacted my other web hosting company and enquired about migrating this website back to the cloud hosting that I have with them. This I may well do if Godaddy don’t fix this annoying fault within what I consider to be a reasonable time frame. It’s not something I relish doing as I can foresee all sorts of complications that may cause issues with my backups and firewall security. I may have to replace the https certificate as well. So as you can see I’m stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea.

August 12th

Things are pretty much the same with Godaddy. Although I have managed to upload some images it’s like playing Roulette. What are the chances of an image uploading? Very slim though occasionally it happens. When it does I get lulled into a false sense of security and think the issue has been fixed then it’s back to square one with my new found friend the error message box popping up. It’s so frustrating! I did manage to upload some of my hot friends website banners though including the lovely Candy Charms but that has now come to a standstill so I’m giving up for a while. If you want to see more of Candy take a look at her naughty website.

Take care.




On a brighter note I’ve just had a huge delivery of Mayfair Lingerie Special and Best of Mayfair so if if you’re in need something to keep your pecker up why not treat yourself.