Vida Garman

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Vida Garman Biography

Born: 1/11/1966
Aliases: Vida, Veda Garman, Shelly, Marilyn, Viola D’Amour
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
United Kingdom Province / State: England
Place of Birth: Orpington
Date of Birth: January 11, 1966
Eye Color: Blue Hair
Color: Red
Height: 155 cm – 5 feet and 1 inch
Weight: 106 lbs. Measurements: 36DD- 24-34

‘Vida Garman’ (born January 11 1966) is an English nude model, glamour model and porn star. And a top girl when it’s time to have fun. Vida loves dressing up in stockings suspenders. She adores looking sexy for her man and the appreciative looks she gets from guys. Garman was a Page Three girl and became a widely popular adult model in Britain in the 1980s and 1990s. She was once called the “most widely photographed model in Europe”. Although she was one of England’s most famous glamour models, she did not achieve the same fame in the United States. She has done many videos, both solo and with other girls.

She is often credited as Veda Garman (or Garmen) in videos. She typically wore a variety of long-haired wigs, often red haired but with blonde and brunette hair as well. Her natural hair seems to have been reddish and she kept it short. She has perfect harmony with Teresa May when they make all Girl action.

Vida gave everyone the horn when she appeared with the Pet Shop Boys on the BBC’s Top of The Pops playing the French Horn in their hit Paninero. Those with sharp eyes might have spotted Vida in a cameo role in Rowan Atkinson’s Mister Bean as a passenger on a bus in a scene where he is chasing a golf ball and as a stripper in THe Bill.

Vida Garman stood as a candidate in the Newham North East by-election, 1994 under the banner of Buy the Daily Sport. She secured 155 votes in the safe Labour seat. After 90’s She started to do mostly panty-hose and fetish work. She has great boobs, legs that look amazinging in heels and a fantastic body. Internationally acclaimed glamour model Vida Garman is most famous veteran of the British Adult Industry. Her fabulous assets has been published in several web sites and every top shelf magazine available! She has achieved international “Hall of Fame” star status in glamour modeling .

At present Vida does not have an official website though she does have  which she occasionally updates – any other website purporting to be Vida is unofficial and has nothing to do with her so please don’t support it. You can see more revealing newly taken photos of her at her only fans page by clicking here. 

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