Rude People

Those who know me in real life know that I am a nice friendly person and that if the need arises am there to help and assist others should the need arise. It was only a few days ago that I caught on my dash cam a young woman knocked off her motorbike when a car reversed into her. With nothing to gain other than knowing that I may have help her insurance claim I gave her my email address asking her to contact me if she wanted my dashcam footage. Finding the footage and sending it to her was time consuming but it probably helped her out and may have saved her a lot of money.

Yesterday I received a message on my twitter from @JoeWilliams1225  asking if Club International still comes with a DVD. Those of you who regularly purchase this magazine will know that is no longer comes with a  DVD and hasn’t done for years. This I politely explained adding that Club DVD Magazine comes with a DVD. What was the response I received for this… You can see in the screenshot below.














There’s lots I could say to Joe Williams but I shan’t, to those of you reading this if feel the urge to let him know please don’t resist it. If Joe Williams reads this himself then he just may feel a little remorse but I doubt it as using “fucked, balls to you”, to a person who has taken the time to answer your unsolicited question… Well, just about sums him up. Not a nice person at all.

Great customer service” is what my customers receive, each and every one of them as those of you who have purchased from me know that is what you get.

Take care, stay safe and healthy






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