PRP And Me

As you may already know if you read my blogs I decided to give up selling magazines and that is still the case. However, I thought about continuing to sell Mayfair and the Mayfair variants, Best of and Lingerie but that I have been told is not possible. Why? Because the person who was supplying me has told me that he is no longer distributing PRP magazines and that the owner is distributing them himself and he will not supply me. The result of this is that you will have to purchase your Mayfair and the like elsewhere and you can bet you’ll be paying much more for these magazines in future along with all of the American and Canadian xxx Magazine. Gone are the days of eight magazines for £30 including postage as I am certain no one else will offer you such good prices.

It was fun while it lasted. I made some good friends and many enemies, some who were very nasty but these shall remain nameless. I still have the abusive emails and the telephone numbers of those who called and threatened me. These are now with the relevant people. There are two people who if they read this will I hope know who they are. There were times when things were bad between us though sometimes things were good. I don’t hold any grudge towards these people as many years ago they helped me out, but business is business and nothing was or is personal.

I still have lots of stock of the magazines on my website, thousands in fact so if there’s a title you haven’t got and you want you can still get it from me.

The above image is courtesy of my friends at Only Tease 

Stay safe everyone