Playboy Magazine Spring 2020 £49.99

Playboy Magazine Spring 2020 £29.99A few days ago we received the latest issue of Playboy which was good news as it gave me something to add to our eBay and Amazon  and of course our website.  We still have no idea when the new issues of Paul Raymond magazines will be available. The last we heard from one of our suppliers, who incidentally is self isolating, is that all printing of all of their magazines has been suspended. Suspended, that’s a nice word as it reminds me of suspenders which I find very sexy. Another of our suppliers is still delivering stock to us so hopefully we will have Penthouse, Penthouse letters and the Score titles as and when they receive them.

As I write this while in my bed with my first coffee of the day next to me, looking out of my window the morning is a beautiful one. The sun is shining and the trees are budding. I’m lucky that from my bedroom in the penthouse, not the magazine of course, that I have a wonderful view of the park. Although it’s only just after eight am people are out exercising and walking their dogs. It’s saddening to think that we will be cooped up all weekend when the weather is so good. We should be out enjoying ourselves and wining and dining out at some nice like restaurant Gauchos.

Keep safe everyone