It seems the only news is bad news these days, the lockdown has been extended which given the current COVID-19 situation is probably a good thing that’s so long as people heed the governments instructions and advice. There’s also bad news regarding Paul Raymond Magazines as we understand that they have put printing of all their titles on hold. This isn’t surprising as the companies that print the mags are closed like every other business in the UK. This morning I have removed the issues of Mayfair Vol.55 No.02, Men Only Vol.85 No.02, Best of Club 56 and Escort Vol.40 No.02 from the website. We sincerely hope that the current situation doesn’t have an adverse effect on PRP and that things will get back no some semblance of normality in the not too distant future. We also hope that this situation doesn’t have a negative effect of our rivals who we are in regular contact with. As we told an acquaintance of ours many years ago there’s room for more than one pub in the high street.

On a brighter note today we are receiving many back issues of various Score titles which will be added to the website later today.

Meanwhile if you need a shot of porn to get your juices flowing take a look at the latest pictures of the girls of Mayfair Men Only Escort and Club.

Keep safe everyone