On The Up

It’s just before 8 Am and I write this from my bed, coffee by my side looking forward to another day in the world of adult magazines and porn. Another day that will be filled with packing magazines and taking them to the post office.  Knowing that when the package arrives it will make someone happy and that there will probably be much chicken strangling going on when they are read.

Since making the decision to carry on trading and informing my twitter followers that I will be taking stock of new issues of magazines as they are published things haven’t been busier. It seems as soon as I catch up with orders another hits my in box. Being a conscientious person who puts customers first this frequently means my visit to the coffee machine gets delayed while I scurry around looking for magazines to process the order and then pack it.

This week I received the latest titles from score, 40 something Milfs Fall and Voluptuous Volume 27 No.3 – and these have been really good sellers keeping me on my toes. In fact, I wish I’d taken more of them as the way things are going they’re not going to last long.

There’s talk of a new printed issue of Mayfair in the pipeline but if and when that will be available is anyone’s guess. Finger’s crossed that it will happen as Mayfair is an iconic title and it would be a shame for it to cease publication.

Take care and stay safe and healthy




If you’re still in lockdown why not while away the hours with hot Milf Miss Lynda leigh while you guys do what you do best. You all know what I mean (wink wink), I bet there’s no flies on your ceilings.