Things are still pretty quiet on the magazine front. All that seems to be kicking around is the same old back issues, nothing new especially the titles that we all want the most such as Mayfair, Men Only, Club International, Escort and Razzle. But hey, what is this. Out of the blue I received a WhatsApp message asking me if I’d be interested in taking the latest contact magazine from DBS. What a silly question. Of course I’m interested. So at long last I have a new magazine to offer you and here it is. Northern Contacts that is full of hot ladies and milfs looking for some naughty fun. The cover reminds me of when discos had a grab a granny night. The cost of this is just £6.99 plus P&P unless you make an order of £30 then the postage is….. wait for it….. FREE.

Due to my ongoing issues with Godaddy I thought it was going to be a nightmare getting the image to upload but the gods were kind to me as it only took a couple of attempts. Thank you thank you thank you.

Though it’s not all good news as I’ve been trying to relocate the menu position of this page and what do I get. Yep, an error message. It almost twenty times now and all I geo is an error! I have since contacted my other web hosts and begun the process of moving my site away from rubbish Godaddy.

Hooray. The menu finally saved!

If you’re not looking to grab a granny yourself you can always leer at one by joining Lynda Leigh’s website then you can spend your time ogling a milf until your heart, or should that be dick is content.

Stay safe in these uncertain times.

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