Lockdown Blues

Just when you thought things were getting better it’s lockdown time once again.  Not that it surprises me as each time I go to the post office, whether it’s my local one or the one in my local Tesco there’s always some dickhead without a mask. I do realise that some people cannot wear a mask for health reasons but I’m sure many are just inconsiderate. Then there’s the twits that wear a mask but don’t cover their nose, or the real idiots who wear it like as chin strap. My real pet hate though is the twats who when I step forward in a queue to keep my distance they shuffle closer and closer. When a guy does this a few choice words like, ‘Are you trying to stick your dick up my arse’, usually drives the message home. Women are just as bad and I find glaring at them and loudly saying, ‘If you wouldn’t mind not standing so close,’ works too.

During this lockdown I have decided to go to the post office only twice a week, Monday and Friday while I do my food shopping. Hopefully doing this and keeping myself well covered and masked up will reduce the chance of me catching this god awful thing.

On a brighter note this week I received a huge delivery of Paul Raymond back issues. Lots of Razzle Wives, Best of Mayfair, Mayfair Lingerie, regular Mayfair and Men Only. In fact, if you want Razzle Wives’ issues 110 to 113 you can get all four for just £20 including P&P.

I also received the latest Voluptuous which is a very naughty issue full of big tits and dicks *blushes* along with an assortment of spanking magazines if spanking rattles your cage.

Stay safe in these uncertain times.

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