A Change of Heart and Soul

Life is full of surprises and this post will be a surprise to some and to some not. A case of I told you so perhaps?

Decisions decisions to close or not to close that is the question, to carry on selling or not to carry on selling.

I have just had two long telephone conversations with two very nice gentleman and have decided to carry on and take new stock of some adult magazines especially those published by Paul Raymond. So there you have it, whether I have made the right decision or not only time will tell.

Today I changed the colour of my website as I became bored with the Pretty in Pink background. Acquaintances who know me personally will know that I am a pretty person and that the colour suits me very well. If you haven’t already noticed the background is now blue, blue which all adult material used to be known as.

Take care and stay safe and healthy




If you’re still in lockdown you can while away the hours looking at the gorgeous girls who grace the pages of Mayfair Men Only Escort and the rest of the Paul Raymond Magazines.