Feeling Foxy

You may have seen on my twitter that I’ve had a new fence put up and that my builders came across something unusual well now I shall reveal what it is. It’s not something that I expected to be found in my garden and I’m so glad that it wasn’t me that found it as it’s the skull and remains of a dead fox. Yuk. God knows how long it had been behind my garden shed to have decomposed to just bones. You’d have thought that the decomposing remains would have stuck to high heaven but there not a whiff of a foul stench. Very strange.

Today I received new magazines: Dominance issue 5 and X-Dresser Amateurs issue 6 both from my friend Suzy of XD Publications.

Looking at the pictures in Dominance makes me feel I’m in the wrong job. Men being spanked, whipped abused and… well really I’m not going to talk about what Mistress Sidonia is doing to her slave with a very large unmentionable thing. It sure seems an easier way to make money and I wouldn’t have to go to the post office.

Although I have stock of other crossdressing magazines I’ve never taken a look at one but looking at the cover of this one my curiosity got the better. I also wondered what it is that makes so many men want to crossdress and thought I might learn something. Flicking through the pages I was surprised at how pretty some of the “T-girls” looked. Some looked attractive. It might even be fun to go clothes shopping with them.

Seeing the glamorous T-girls reminded me of an incident many years ago when I was at a Salsa Club with a male friend of mine, whos is just a friend and nothing more. He was being chatted up by a beautiful tall woman To say she was glamourous is an understatement. I’m sure you can guess what’s coming here and you’d be right. The charming person was a TV. To me it was obvious. The elegantly dressed person gave me a knowing wink as the CD knew that I knew the situation.

If you feel the urge to spend some of your hard earned cash you might like to look at these.

Take care, stay safe, healthy and at the moment keep dry.