Amazon Buyer Beware!

If you buy your magazines on Amazon there is something you should know or you may well be paying well over the odds, not just for your magazines but everything.

One of the great mysteries of that great online retail platform Amazon is the BUY BOX. It’s not known how the algorithm chooses what seller should get the much coveted buy box but you can bet your bottom dollar it’s not always the cheapest seller. The problem with this is, if you’re not savvy and don’t understand the way Amazon works you could be spending much much more than you should be and parting with your hard earned cash for no other reason than ignorance of a flawed system.

So, how do you protect yourself?

The first thing I would say is when you’ve decided what you want to buy NEVER and I mean NEVER just click on the  Yellow Buy It Now or Add To Basket Button. If you’re using a PC or Laptop look to the far left of your screen and you will see other options that show you NEW and if there are other conditions USED. Click on the word NEW which is a link and it will open a sidebar on the right of your screen showing other sellers which nine out of ten times are CHEAPER than the featured seller. There have been many TV programs on this advising buyers NOT TO CHOOSE the FEATURED OFFER but to take time and seek out a much lower price.

For a company that professes to be the best customer centric online retailer they’re far from that. As a person who frequently makes purchases on Amazon I expect to be shown, offered the best deal, not the most expensive price.

I hope this makes sense and saves you some of your hard earned cash

Stay safe


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