Wet and Red Nights

Thankfully tonight is going to be a peaceful one after the monsoon that hit last night. I’ve never seen rain come down as hard and fast in such a short time it was frightening. It’s not that I’m scared of a little water or storms for that matter, my concern was for my stock. The last thing I need is to be flooded out and all my stock damaged, in fact I have no wish to be flooded out at all. Even though I had the foresight to ensure everything is above ground lever it was still scary as I had no idea when the heaven’s would cease cascading down. Watching the water level rapidly rise was no fun at all.   If you haven’t already seen the video I took of the downpour you can view it on my twitter here watch the video

But that was not all. I heard a gurgling sound from the downstairs WC. When I looked to see what the noise was I saw that the water in the bowl bubbling and was rising. The heavy downpour must have affected the main drainage somehow and was pushing air and water back up. Not wanting to come downstairs in the morning to find my hallway flooded I put lots of towels on the outside of the door hoping that would prevent water coming into the hallway should the worst happen. Thankfully it didn’t but as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

There has been rain today and this evening but nothing compared to yesterday in fact the weather has been crazy this evening, pouring rain with blinding sun. Maybe God in heaven was high as a kite today and having a laugh. The upside of the wet weather and sunny spells is that my grass seeds are doing well and my lawn is coming on strong and looking a luscious shade of green.

It’s just coming up to 8 pm and tonight and I’ll soon be making my way up the wooden hill to my bedroom.  Then it’s into the en-suite for long relaxing shower before climbing into bed with a coffee and a big bar of Cadbury’s Whole Nut all for me while I watch one of my favourite movies ‘The Aristocats’, as far away from porn as you can get.

Take care and stay safe and healthy







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